Camp Food for Kids

Camp Food for KidsKids love to camp. Being outdoors, sleeping in tents, and sitting around a fire enthrall young people. However this new and adventurous atmosphere does not make kids any less picky when it comes time to eat. Luckily, plenty of easy, fun and delicious recipes exist that take the hassle and whining out of mealtime while camping.


Scrambled eggs can be entertaining for kids because they get to watch the eggs cook over a fire. Simply whip some eggs together then pour into a bowl-shaped piece of foil. Cook over fire, scrambling as necessary. Add cheese and salt/pepper if desired.

Remember cereal boxes from your childhood? Buy a variety pack with your kids' favorite cereals and let them choose. It is easy cleanup because the box acts like a bowl and you can pour milk straight into the inner plastic bag.


Hot dogs are a kids' favorite. Stab hot dogs onto the end of long sticks and let your children roast them over the fire. Try substituting brats, Italian sausage, Polish sausage or Kielbasa for variety.

Grilled corn on the cob is a simple side. Spread butter and sprinkle salt over corn. Wrap in foil and cook over fire for approximately 10 minutes. Be careful when opening. Let the steam dissipate and corn cool before handing over to the kids.

For a more classic dinnertime meal, cook chicken. Wrap chicken breast (marinated as desired) in foil and grill over fire for about 30 minutes. For something a bit more complex, slice chicken into strips and cook, then wrap some veggies in separate piece of foil and add some Italian dressing. When both are finished cooking, combine to make fajitas (don't forget the flour tortillas).


Cheese and crackers provide fast nourishment. For extra ease, slice the cheese before leaving home. Also, buy pre-made trail mix, or make your own. For the homemade version, simply combine your kids' favorites of the following: dried fruit (raisins, craisins, dried bananas), nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds) and M&Ms.



All kids love s'mores. They are fun to make and eat. All you need are graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. Let your kids roast their marshmallows on a stick over the campfire, then place a piece of chocolate on one graham cracker and slide marshmallow off stick using the other graham.

The banana boat is unique and delicious. To make this special treat, cut a well into one side of the banana and save the banana slice. Fill the well with chunks on chocolate and replace banana slice to cover chocolate. Wrap in foil leaving room on both ends to twist into handles. Cook over the fire for 10 minutes or until the chocolate is melted and the banana is warm.

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