List of Travel Items

List of Travel Items
Often travel is categorized by how much you spend on a daily basis. Such classifications might be labeled as luxury, budget, economy or vagabonding, and then again there are many means of traveling as well. The different modes of transportation might include the train, the bus, an automobile, bike touring or even an airplane flight to a foreign country. Of all these means of travel, nowhere is space at a more premium value than on a long-distance flight. Here are some ideas on things to bring along, when you board the jet plane.

Passport and Money Belt

A money belt is a very good investment for the foreign traveler. When heading to unknown territory, a money belt provides a safe place to hide your passport, credit cards and extra cash. Since it is worn around the waist inside your regular clothing, the money belt is almost impossible to lift, while it is own your person.

Walking Shoes

Traveling and sightseeing invariably involves a lot of time on your feet, and unless you are employed as a mail carrier back home, you will be doing a lot more walking than you are ordinarily accustomed to. So, make sure your walking shoes are tried and tested before you arrive at your destination. Since you don't want to tote a lot of shoes around, search for a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and stylish enough for evening events, like a restaurant or a show. This is not a not place to try and stretch the budget, because uncomfortable feet are no friends to the traveler.

Digital Camera

Most travelers love to show off pictures of where they have been, when they return home, but this does not mean that you have to invest in large bulky film cameras to do so. Go light with a modern point-and-shoot digital camera. You will be amazed how many high-resolution pictures can be packed onto a small media card that neatly slides into your digital camera.

Laundry Detergent

Washing clothes while on the road can be costly and time consuming. Instead of spending your first morning in Vienna or Paris at the local laundromat, you can wash your clothes in the sink of your hotel room and then hang them overnight on a coat hanger placed above the bathtub or shower stall. This not only saves time, but also allows you to travel with fewer personal belongings. To facilitate this practice purchase some liquid, laundry detergent (and bleach) before you depart and transfer the fluids to a pint-sized plastic bottle. Make sure you buy the holding devices at a backpacker supply store, for this guarantees than the plastic bottles will be of the highest quality and will not leak during your travels.

Sleep Sack

If you plan to spend any time at a hostel, you probably know by now that bringing your own sleeping bag is almost always forbidden. Instead you will be required to rent a thin cotton sack to use in place of your own personal sleeping gear. These thin sheets can set you back anywhere from $1 to $5 (American) per night, depending on where you are staying. For someone who plans to stay mostly in hostels, this small sum can add up quickly. However, if you purchase your own cotton sack to sleep in before you leave home, most hostels will allow you to use your own item and thus avoid the additional nightly fee.

Article Written By Henri Bauholz

Henri Bauholz is a professional writer covering a variety of topics, including hiking, camping, foreign travel and nature. He has written travel articles for several online publications and his travels have taken him all over the world, from Mexico to Latin America and across the Atlantic to Europe.

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