Animals of Mozambique, Africa

Animals of Mozambique, Africa
Every lover of the outdoors should take a trip to the biologically diverse African country of Mozambique. With its long coastline that separates it from the island of Madagascar to the east, the rich wealth of animal life in this African country includes both the kinds of large land animals you would expect to see on the continent as well as marine life that may surprise you if you aren't familiar with the geography of this region.

Humpback Whale

Take the chance to do some swimming or diving on the coast of Mozambique from June through October and you will most likely be treated to the spectacular view afforded by the annual migration of humpback whales. If you choose to go diving in Mozambique's waters you will probably even get the opportunity to hear their beautiful and shockingly loud underwater songs. These mammoth creatures are not found in many places so don't pass up the chance to see them breaching through the surface of the African coast.

Black Rhinoceros

One of the most threatened endangered animals in the world is the black rhinoceros, and a few can still be found in Mozambique, although there is some possibility that the country may have already seen the last of its kind. This magnificent animal can weight over a ton and a half and is one of the most imposing and fear-inspiring beasts on the planet. Although called black, the color of this animal can actually vary from yellowish-brown to gray. The best advice is to get to Mozambique while there is still some question as to whether this rhino truly has gone extinct there.

Spitting Cobra

The spitting cobra of Mozambique is somewhat smaller than those more famous cobras you see inside baskets listening to the siren song of a snake charmer. Nevertheless, only the mamba is considered to be a more dangerous snake in Africa, so be ready to identify this snake before venturing forth into Mozambique. Although the snake will bite, its primary defense is spitting venom, and this cobra can spit its venom nearly 10 feet through the air.


An argument can certainly be made that no animal in Africa is as amazing to watch as the cheetah in action. The reputation of the cheetah for flat out speed has not been overstated, and if you go to Mozambique and get the chance to see this extraordinary cat from a position of safety, then do so. Like the black rhino, human excursion and development of the continent may one day make this sight almost impossible to experience.

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