Ko Tao Island Vacations

Ko Tao Island Vacations
Ko Tao is part of a loose chain of islands in the Gulf of Thailand that have become popular with tourists and backpackers in recent years. Ko Tao itself is the least developed of the islands, combining rustic charm with cheap prices, and therefore is a big magnet for the bargain traveler. As an added bonus, the island is closest to some of the best marine attractions in the Gulf of Thailand.

Scuba Diving

The main activity on Ko Tao is scuba diving, and there are a plethora of dive shops that are both good trip operators as well as first-rate diving schools. Two of the best known sites are Sail Rock and Shark Island. Both are coral-encrusted rocks that rise from the sea floor and are teeming with sea life. The latter is named because the island resembles a dorsal fin, not because there are dangerous sharks in the area. There are also wrecks in the local waters waters as deep as 180 feet to challenge technical divers.


Where the diving is good, so is the snorkeling. All the normal dive trips from Ko Tao also accept snorkelers, and given the 65-foot plus visibility of the local waters, there is plenty for them to see. There are also snorkeler-only trips out of Ko Tao, which head to sites that are not very popular with certified divers because of their depths (40 foot maximum), but still have lovely corals and plenty of fish. Finally, the island's Shark Bay offers plenty of snorkeling right off the beach, including lots of small, harmless black tip reef sharks.


Like many islands, and even hills in Southern Thailand, Ko Tao has many sheer limestone cliffs. These make for good places to get in bouldering, rock climbing, repelling or cliff jumping action, although only a few outfits on the island are equipped to support such adventures.

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Hiking and Biking

Ko Tao is a fairly small island, so the most demanding aspect of a trek there will be the heat. However, when you get tired of the beach you are staying on, you can easily hike or rent a bike and ride across the island to spend the day at any of its other beaches.

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