Things to Do in Rome

Things to Do in Rome
Rome is a high energy metropolis with attractions that appeal to all types of visitors. The Eternal City is a perfect marriage between the old and new. An ultra modern public transport system brings visitors to ancient sites, such as the Forum and the Coliseum. However, despite the availability of subways and buses, the city has a way of enticing you to explore it by foot.

Sight Jogging

If you are trying to decide whether to take a sightseeing tour or go for a run, consider a compromise. Sight jogging combines sight seeing and sport. Personal trainers, who are also tour guides arrange for jogging tours of Rome. The tours can be catered to all levels of fitness. The routes are approximately four to seven miles long, and meander through Rome's most famous attractions. For safety purposes, all participants are lent heart rate monitors, which the trainers/tour guides can check throughout the route. Tours are given in different languages, including English. Prices range from 70 to 140 euro for a one hour tour, depending on the number of people in the group.

Sight Jogging
+39 347 33 53 185

Roman Sport Center at Villa Borghese

The Villa Borghese is Rome's largest public park. Its lakes, fountains and statues offer an ample amount of visual stimuli. Although it was originally created as a vineyard, it became a public park in 1903. The park is located at the top of the Spanish Steps. If you want to do some "Rocky" type workout, the 138 steps provide a highly efficient workout. However, this type of workout can work up quite a sweat. Fortunately, the full-service Roman Sport Club is located in Villa Borghese. In addition to its fitness equipment and classes, it has showers and a spa. Guests can pay for a 30 euro day pass.

Roman Sport Center
Via del Galoppatoio 33
Roma, Italia
+06 321 8096

Bike Sharing

Rome's bike sharing was originally created as a means of improving the environment of the heavily trafficked city. Although it was once run by a private company, it now operates under the auspices of Rome's Public Transport Company, Azienda Tranvie ed Autobus del Comune di Roma, otherwise known as ATAC. The program operates on a pay as you go system. There is a 5 euro registration fee. Each half hour costs 0.50 euros. There are currently 26 drop-off points throughout the city. Many of them are at popular tourist locations, such as Campo di Fiore, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. The service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ATAC Bike Sharing
+_06 57003

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