Camping in Yellowstone Park

Camping in Yellowstone Park
Yellowstone National Park is America's oldest national park, established in 1872 by the U.S. government. In addition to its famous geyser, Old Faithful, there are many other active, subterranean geysers in the park. The park sits on top of the world's largest super-volcano buried just below the surface of the Earth.

Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge campsite is one of the largest inside Yellowstone National Park, with more than 400 camp sites available. This site is backpacker-friendly as RVs and pop-up campers are not supported with sewer and generator hook-ups. Open from late May through mid-September, this site is at a high elevation--7,800 feet--and offers spectacular vistas of the park. The site is also closely located to showers and rest rooms. Bay Bridge is located just east of the Yosemite Amphitheater, on the western coast of Yosemite Lake. Reservations can be made for this camp site as well as the others in this article through Xanterra Parks and Resorts.

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Fishing Bridge RV Park

For those in mobilized vehicles, Fishing Bridge RV Park offers the necessary generator and sewer hook-ups to power a sitting RV. Located near the beautiful Yellowstone Lake, this site is open from late-May through mid-September. Visitors to this RV park enjoy all showering and rest room facilities, nearby restaurants, a visitor's center, and a small camp store offering all the necessary camping food, gear and wood. Campers can even participate in a ranger-led roundtable discussion at a central campfire. Fishing Bridge RV Park is located on the northern end of Yosemite Lake, just northwest of the visitor's center.

Pebble Creek Campground

Pebble Creek Campground is one of the few primitive sites in Yellowstone. While RVs are allowed in the site, there are no hook-ups to sustain extensive stays for these vehicles. There are level tent pads for backpackers and day hikers. There is water available for washing and cooking--but campers must use a hand pump to get at the water. Campers will enjoy a night free of man-made sounds (like generators), and can camp far from their cars if they choose. Only those looking for a true wilderness experience should consider Pebble Creek. This campground is located on the west side of Pebble Creek, north of Yosemite Lake. The easiest access point would be the northeast entrance to the park.


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