Camping & Survival Knives

Camping & Survival KnivesA good knife is one of the most important survival tools you can carry, so it should be with you even if you are just making a day trip. A solid camping knife and a survival knife share many similar qualities, and can often be a single item. The most important aspect your knife should have is a solid handle with a full-length tang. Folding knives and "survival" knives with a kit in the handle will not hold up to the hard use of a real survival situation.

The SOG Seal Pup

The SOG Seal Pup is a smaller, easier to handle version of the SOG Seal knife, the official knife of the U.S. Navy SEALS. The tool includes the most important basic essentials of a survival knife, including a medium-sized blade, a full tang and is light weight. The SOG Seal Pop weighs only five ounces and offers a partially serrated blade for heavy cutting. This blade is powder-coated for resisting corrosion and the handle is reinforced and beveled for excellent gripping.

KA-BAR Knife

Developed after the start of World War II for the use by the U.S. Marine Corps, the KA-BAR knife rapidly became known for its incredible toughness. Marines in the field used this knife for driving tent pegs, digging holes and opening canned rations, as well as defending themselves. The popularity of the knife has led to its manufacture by many knife companies, not just KA-BAR. This knife is sturdy, simple and reliable, and the design remains the same as when it was first introduced. The tang runs the full length of the handle, which is available in both leather and synthetic models, and the stainless-steel blade is heat-treated to make it as tough as possible. It is widely available at outdoor supply stores. However, there are cut-rate versions out there, so make sure to buy a genuine KA-BAR knife or a model from another reliable cutlery company.

G.I. Pilot's Knife

Once standard issue of the U.S. Air Force, this knife is designed to be useful in almost any situation. The basic design is similar to that of the KA-BAR, down to the leather handle and the steel handle cap, but the knife itself is carbon steel and has a serrated back edge for heavy cutting and sawing. These genuine U.S. military-issue knives are easily found at surplus suppliers. However, there are cheaper knock-offs on the market as well, typically selling for less than $20. These will not hold up to hard usage and generally don't have a full-length tang, leaving the blade fragile.


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