List of Energy Bars

List of Energy Bars
Energy bars are a convenient way to get some food in your system. They're light, they pack well and they are usually packed with calories. They are a favorite among backpackers, cyclists and people who find the need to eat on the run. And nowadays, active people have a variety of energy bars to choose from. They come in so many forms that it's easy to find one that is suited for your specific needs.

NuGo Organic

If you're a fan of organic food, then the NuGo Organic bars are the way to go. NuGo Organic bars are made from ingredients certified organic by the USDA, meaning that they aren't made with synthetic insecticides, hormones or antibiotics. Made with antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, and with flavors like Double Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Pomegranate, NuGo Organic bars are a good choice whether you're looking to go organic or not.

Clif Bars

An old mainstay of the energy bar crowd, Clif Bars have been around for almost 20 years, and they've spend that time perfecting their energy bars. With a variety of types to choose from, from the LUNA Bar created specifically for women, to the Builder's Bar with 20 g of natural protein, to the Z-Bar for kids, Clif Bars makes an energy bar for everyone. And for those who just want a plain old Clif Bar, flavors like Apricot, Cranberry Apple Cherry and Cherry Dark Chocolate will have you eagerly anticipating your next snack break.


One of the original energy bars, Powerbars offer a bar for just about every situation. In addition to the classic Powerbar, they also offer Powerbar Pria for women, the whole-grain Powerbar Harvest, the post-workout Powerbar Recovery and six other types of bars. Powerbar has also moved above and beyond the standard "bar" form of energy. In addition to the 10 different varieties of bars, Powerbar now offers Mini Bars and Power Bites. With this much variety (not to mention the different flavors for each bar), it looks as though Powerbar has an option for everybody.

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