Documentation Needed for a Vacation to Jamaica

Documentation Needed for a Vacation to Jamaica
The Caribbean island country of Jamaica is a popular travel destination for vacationers who seek a Caribbean paradise experience. Its mountainous landscape offers many outdoor adventures and its beautiful beaches are perfect for relaxing. Travelers enjoy zip line adventures, snorkeling, diving and jungle trekking. Montego Bay and Kingston are the major entry points with international airports.

Return Ticket

All visitors to Jamaica are required to have a return ticket or ongoing ticket to another destination to prove they plan on leaving Jamaica. If a traveler has no departure ticket he may be held in custody until he buys a ticket to leave the country. He may also be subject to investigation as to why he initally did had no plans to leave Jamaica.

Customs Declarations Form

A Jamaican customs declaration form must be presented to customs officers when entering Jamaica upon departing your plane. Most airlines give you these forms in flight so you can fill them out before arrival. You must declare whether you are bringing into Jamaica items such as money, electronics, food products and alcohol. The form also asks for personal indentifying information and where you will be staying in Jamaica.


United States, British and Canadian citizens all must have valid passports to enter Jamaica. U.S. citizens can obtain passport applications at most post offices. Two passport photos and an application fee are required. Wait times for your passport to be processed and approved can vary from a few weeks to months, but there is an expedited service for an extra fee.


Travelers from the U.S., UK and Canada are not required to have visas if they are visiting Jamaica on vacation. Those that are planning to stay for extended periods for work or other reasons must obtain visas from the Jamaican government.

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