Things to Do in Westport, Ireland

Things to Do in Westport, Ireland
Adventures in Westport are abundant. Mountains, forests, rivers and the famous Killary Fjord provide plenty of ways to work up a sweat in Westport, Ireland. Whether you're visiting with friends, family or backpacking through Ireland, Westport's natural activities like bicycling, kayaking and climbing are an attraction you won't want to miss.

Deep-Sea Fishing

Westport has world-class deep sea fishing. In July and August, visitors are allowed to fish for blue sharks, 50 meters off the coast. There are several fishing guides and boat rental facilities throughout Westport. The many lakes and rivers throughout the region offer freshwater and saltwater experiences for every level of fisherman.

Delphi Mountain Adventures

Less than 1/2 an hour from the heart of Westport sits the Delphi Mountain Resort, home of the Delphi Adventure Company. They offer over 25 different programs, some of which are 1/2 day long while others last all day. Guides lead visitors through adventures on the ocean, in the forest and on the mountains. Ocean adventures consist of kayaking, sailing, raft building and canoeing. In the mountains, guests climb rocks and walk hills, abseiling and even indoor rock climbing. In the forest, take part in a high ropes course, low ropes, ride a zip line, climb Jacob's ladder or try your hand at archery. They also offer team-building activities for groups as well as summer camps and family adventure trips.

Delphi Mountain Resort
Leenane, Connemara, Co.Galway, Ireland
011 (+353) 0 95 42208

Kayaking from Killary

The Killary Adventure Center offers sea kayaks with enclosed cockpits and sit-on-top kayaks, for lakes and river use. Paddle ten minutes out to sea to visit the locals on Seal Island. Kayaks are available for rental, or you can schedule a tour with a guide. Kayak tours are fun for families, with a lower age limit of 8 years. Killary Fjord is reputed for having deep clean waters, perfect for adventures in Westport.

Little Killary Adventure Centre Ltd
Leenane Road,Galway, Ireland
011 (+353) 0 95 43411

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