The Best Places to Vacation in Jamaica

The Best Places to Vacation in Jamaica
Jamaica is a beach and nature lover's paradise located in the central Caribbean, and is a major travel destination for U.S. citizens seeking great beaches and the tropical environment. The island offers a wealth of accommodations that are centralized among three destination cities. Whether it is beaches, water sports or extreme excursions, these places have it all.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the main cruise ship port of Jamaica and is also home to Sangster International Airport. It is where the majority of travelers arrive in Jamaica and then are transported to their respected destinations. Montego Bay is also the largest tourism spot and is home to a large number of resorts. Tourists love that it is only a short drive from the airport to most resorts unlike the long travel times to the other major cities. There are some great shopping opportunities here as well as casinos, nightlife and fine dining. There are also excursion companies that offer many great activities such as zip lining, off-road tours, windsurfing and many others that suit the adventure-minded traveler. For the extreme traveler, there is the Troy-Windsor hiking trail that winds through the rugged interior of Jamaica. It is located about an hour car ride from Montego Bay, but it is only recommended for highly experienced hikers.


Negril is known to be home to the best stretch of beach in Jamaica. It is the smallest of the three destination cities and offers a true look at Jamaican culture. There are only a small number of restaurants and shops in Negril, as the visitors mainly visit here for the beach. Negril does offer small hotels and also is home to large resort chains all located in one small stretch of coastline. Many of these chain resorts offer full use of kayaks, sailboats and teach windsurfing for a small fee.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is located on the north coast of Jamaica about 1.5 hours from Montego Bay Airport. It is a much more natural and tropical setting then the city of Montego Bay. It is quite small in size but has all the amenities of a bigger city. It has great shopping, restaurants and nightlife as well as Jamaica's best attraction. Dunn's River Falls is the top attraction destination in Jamaica and has been for some time. Visitors can walk hand-in-hand up 600 feet of small water falls in the Dunn's River. Excursion vendors also offer many outdoor activities here and will often pick you up at your hotel.

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