Tips for Inshore Rocky Point Fishing in Mexico

Tips for Inshore Rocky Point Fishing in Mexico
Rocky Point is a village situated on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. The village also is known as Puerto Penasco, and it is popular with tourists and locals who love fishing. Fish of more than 300 lbs. were caught there during the 1960s, and while the town isn't quite as popular among fishers as it was during that era, it still remains a favorite for many as well as a bustling tourist destination. You can do inshore fishing in Rocky Point as long as you try specific tips.

Best Time

The best times for inshore fishing in Rocky Point are from late spring until the end of summer. Fishing is allowed throughout the rest of the year, but you will find it more difficult. Temperature drop into the 50s, and cold winds sweep the area, which causes the fish to take shelter, and you are left out in the cold. Look for the estuaries and ports located along the shore for the best fishing.


Use the right type of bait in Rocky Point to increase your chances of catching a big one. Live bait is common, such as minnow, night crawlers and small shrimp. You'll also have good luck using the right lure. Trolled lures are good for catching sierra and triggerfish like live bait and jigged lures. Try using variations of lures and bait throughout the day.


When fishing in Rocky Point, especially along the shore, pay particular attention to the tide charts and the movement of the tides. The best time for fishing is as the tide rolls out at night or rolls in during morning hours. You can still catch fish at other times of the day, but the fish tend to follow the tide, and you'll catch more when working with it.

Fish Types

There are several different types of fish you can catch along the shore in Rocky Point. Sierra prefer areas closer to the beach and are easier to catch from the shore than a boat. Triggerfish stick to areas along the beach and around the pier, while trout and bass are also common along the shore. Just be careful with the triggerfish, as its sharp teeth can puncture your skin.

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