London Map Landmarks

London Map Landmarks
Since the millennium, the map of London has changed dramatically. Overnight, historic monuments suddenly neighbored modern, space age looking structures. The skyline of London was changed forever. Today, a trip to London wouldn't be complete without visiting the old and new. This modern way of thinking inspires this stroll through some of London's most important landmarks.

Buckingham Palace

This grandiose building has been a historic landmark since 1837 when it first served as the London residences of the English Monarchy. Today it is the primary residence of the Queen and her husband and houses the offices of those who support the day to day activities of the immediate Royal Family. During the months of August and September when the Queen leaves London for Scotland, Buckingham Palace opens its' doors to the public. For a fee, it is possible to view the State Rooms (19 in total) where the Queen and family receive guests on State and ceremonial reasons. The famous "changing of the guard" happens every day at 11.30 a.m. from May to the end of July. Throughout the rest of the year, this ritual happens on alternate days. For more information and a timetable of when the changing of guard occurs, consult the informative Buckingham Palace website.

8-12 St George's Dr
London, SW1V, United Kingdom
011 (+44) 20 7930 4832

The London Eye

The London skyline was changed forever when The London Eye opened in March 2000. Located along the south bank of the Thames, across from the historic Houses of Parliament, this iconic structure now stands as a symbol of modern Britain. This gigantic space age looking Ferris wheel is 132 metres high and is the fourth tallest structure in London. It is made up of 32 capsules each holding about 25 people. A ride on the "wheel" takes about 30 minutes and offers incredible views over London and the surrounding countryside. On a clear day it is possible to see for over 25 miles and as far as Windsor castle.

London Eye

Riverside Building

County Hall

Westminster Bridge Road

London SE1 7PB

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

If The London Eye represents modern Britain, then the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben represent history and tradition. Built in the mid 1800s in the Gothic style, these buildings are a beautiful mass of spires, towers and intricate stonework. Home to the government of England, this is where the House of Commons and the House of Lords meet to debate and decide upon British politics. Overseas visitors can only tour the Houses of Parliament during the Summer Opening. The tour takes about 75 minutes and a trained guide accompanies tourists. Unfortunately, overseas visitors can't tour Big Ben. At sunset, walk across the bridge to the opposite side of the Thames for a wonderful overview of the Houses of Parliament.

York Pl
London, WC2N 5, United Kingdom
011 (+44) 20 7219 3000

The Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is one of the hippest museums in London. Not surprisingly, it is one of the UK's top three tourist attractions. It houses modern and contemporary art in the former Bankside Power Station. The transformation of the former power station into an art museum is a work of art in itself. The Turbine Hall, which used to house the electricity generators of the power station, is 5 stories high and runs the length of the entire building. It is used to display large especially commissioned pieces which are often innovative and exciting. The Tate Modern is located on the south bank of the Thames opposite St. Paul's cathedral. These two iconic buildings are linked together by the millennium pedestrian bridge.

London SE1 9TG
011 (+44) 020 7887 8888

St. Paul's Cathedral

Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built between 1675 and 1710, this Renaissance style cathedral is one of London's most visited sights. The famous dome, an engineering feat, rises to 365 ft. and was inspired by the dome of St Peter's in Rome. For a fee, tourists can walk through the church and admire the beautiful interior, which includes mosaics, an organ dating from 1695, and the famous Whispering Gallery. This important cathedral has hosted many historic ceremonies such as the marriage of Lady Diana and Prince Charles, the jubilee celebrations of the Queen and the funeral of Winston Churchill.

Cannon St
London, EC4M, United Kingdom
011 (+44) 20 7246 8350

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