Things to Do in Downtown Vancouver

Things to Do in Downtown Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia, is the biggest city in the province and home to more than half a million people. The city's waterfront location, as well as its infusion of many cultures, makes it a great place to visit. Visitors to Vancouver can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is Vancouver's first park and it offers 1,000 acres of park and forest. A popular place to visit for both locals and visitors, Stanley Park offers lots of trails to explore, picnic areas and open spaces for Frisbee, dog walking and other sports. The park is located on a spit of land between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver. You can kayak or canoe on Lost Lagoon, and there are excellent bird-watching opportunities in the park's forests and beaches. The park is also home to several landmarks, memorials and gardens.

Stanley Park
Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6G
(604) 696-5031

Seaside Bicycle Route

Vancouver offers several scenic bicycle routes, and the Seaside Bicycle Route offers an opportunity to see much of the city with a gentle, easygoing ride through the city. Starting at Sunset Beach, south of the heart of Vancouver, this bike route is a 12-mile round trip that takes in much of the city, including trendy Granville Island, known for its art, theater, and brewery, the upscale Yaletown neighborhood and the University of British Columbia. The route offers stretches of bicycle-only paths, but there are stretches that are also shared with pedestrians.

Sunset Beach
1204 Beach Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 1V3

BC Dive and Kayak

BC Dive and Kayak offers the only dive center in Vancouver that operates its own dive boat. Up to 10 divers can embark on single and multiple day trips on the Adventure II, a custom-designed dive boat. The heated cabin keeps the divers cozy until they arrive at one of many exciting dive locales in the area. British Columbia is widely regarded to offer some of the best scuba diving in all of North America, including man-made reefs, big octopus and a wide variety of undersea life. BC Dive and Kayak also offers refills and equipment for divers, lessons and kayak rentals.

BC Dive and Kayak Adventures
1695 West 4th Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1L9
(800) 960-0066

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