Punta Cana Vacation Tips

Punta Cana Vacation Tips
Punta Cana, in the easternmost region of the Dominican Republic, is famous for its beaches in the Caribbean. There are many resorts in the region, many of which are owned by the Spanish and have Spanish architectural flourishes. Punta Cana is home to several major golf courses and has a festive nightlife.

Important Documents

If traveling from the United States or other countries, you will need to present a passport or other official identification to enter the Dominican Republic. Any children traveling without parents or legal guardians require notarized permission slips. All necessary visas are required, including tourist visas, as well as proof of vaccinations for you and any pets.

All items transported back and forth between the Dominican Republic and your country of origin must be declared. This means that you must declare anything you acquire along your trip like souvenirs. Many people don't know that you must also declare anything you purchase and have shipped back to the United States by the merchant you purchased it from.

Weather In Punta Cana

Average temperatures in Punta Cana for much of the year are in the 70 to 90 degree F range. The warmest months range from May to December. The calmest and most predictable weather (fewest storms) is from May to July. Late Summer, July to September, is the period of highest humidity. While Punta Cana is a tropical region that does have frequent showers and storms, it is generally well protected and does not suffer from major hurricanes.


Buses, shuttles and taxis are all readily available at the airport. Many times you can book a car or shuttle ahead of time as a package with your room or plane ticket. To get around Punta Cana you can walk, rent bikes or take a taxi. The neighborhoods in Punta Cana are not the biggest draw as the resorts have everything you may want to do on your trip.

Health Concerns

There is a risk of contracting illnesses from bad water and foods in Punta Cana. The biggest problem is unfiltered water, and foods prepared with this water. Be careful of drinking water, and any salads, vegetables and fruits that may have been washed in this water. It is recommended that you drink bottled water only, and do not use ice made on the island. There is also a risk of contracting illnesses like malaria or dengue fever from mosquitoes in the Dominican Republic, so be sure to use insect repellent.

Other Tips

Many hotels in Punta Cana will have a wristband system upon arrival to identify you and any other guests as guests at the hotel. Be sure everyone you are with checks in together to receive a wristband. While you may want to exchange your money for Dominican Pesos, you will be able to use U.S. dollars in many shops without trouble.

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