Fun Things to Do in Laughlin Nevada

Fun Things to Do in Laughlin Nevada
Located 90 miles south of Las Vegas in Nevada, Laughlin is a haven for gaming and outdoor recreation. Named after founder Don Laughlin, owner of the Riverside Resort and Casino, Laughlin remains an unincorporated township that sits along the mighty Colorado River and stretches across both Arizona and California. From kayaking to rock climbing, outdoor enthusiasts can combine a relaxing resort getaway with a variety of adventurous day trips.

Colorado River

The Colorado River provides an array of recreational opportunities. Aside from relaxing along the shoreline, visitors can take a white water rafting trip, kayak or canoe in the river that supplies water to seven states. There are numerous launch ramps connecting recreational boaters to the Colorado River. Visitors who would rather stay dry can hop aboard a replica steamship and tour the river while learning about the history of Laughlin. A river walk offers a stroll along the riverbank to see the aquatic life of the river up close.

Grapevine Canyon

Outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure off the beaten path can travel northwest of Laughlin to Christmas Pass and Grapevine Canyon. The canyon formation started more than 1,000 years ago and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Grapevine Canyon, on Highway 163, is best known for historic Native American stone carvings along the canyon wall. This area features panoramic hiking trails and an assortment of rock climbing and bouldering opportunities within the surrounding area. Along the top of the canyon is an expansive stretch of wild grapevines. Natural springs are found throughout Grapevine Canyon and offer a cool rest area while exploring.

Lake Mohave

Located behind Davis Dam and managed by the National Park Service, Lake Mohave offers an exceptional habitat for native fish and wildlife. Visitors to Laughlin can access this 67-mile stretch from several access points in and around Bullhead City, Arizona. Boaters can reach a number of secluded beaches that offer a serene setting for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking. Fishing enthusiasts will find rainbow trout within the northern stretches of the lake, and largemouth and striped bass towards the lower end. A fishing license issued from Nevada or Arizona is necessary before casting your line at Lake Mohave. Facilities for public use are located at Katherine's Landing near Davis Dam and at Cottonwood Cove near Searchlight, Nevada.

Article Written By Patricia Poulin

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