Paris France Travel Tips

Paris France Travel Tips
Paris is more a city about cafes, great art, and landmarks than it is about recreation, but that does not mean there aren't opportunities to get healthy in France. Travelers to Paris need to know a few things about going to the City of Lights because it is different from a trip to Hawaii or even Orlando. One of the most important things that fitness lovers need to know is how essential it is to prepare for the trip beforehand to save some money.


One of the best pieces of advice a traveler to Paris can get is to pack as much gear as possible. It is possible to buy almost anything in Paris, including shoes, shorts, and backpacks. But expect to fork over up to twice as much for the very same quality you would find at home. Pack as much as you can afford to take and only buy what is absolutely essential once you get to Paris.

Sightseeing on the Run

You will want to see the sights of Paris once you get there, but forget about bus tours and see the sights on the run. Running, jogging, and bike trails are set up through the city so that you can pursue your outdoor fun while still enjoying such staples as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame cathedral, the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre.Take the route along the Seine and you hit a tremendous number of must-see attractions while pursuing a straight line.

Swimming Pools

Paris is mad for swimming pools. Public pools are available throughout the city and at a quite reasonable rate. The public swimming areas in Paris are not like so many in America, which feature smallish pools that sometimes are not quite as clean as they could be. You might find saunas, waterslides, wave pools, and even volleyball or badminton courts inside the facilities.


The vast urban jungle that is Paris does not lend itself much to hiking except for one notable area. The Parc Buttes-Chaumont is a very large park that at times almost seems to resemble one of the lovely forests that hikers seek outside the city. The park is quite hilly, which qualifies it as an urban hiking trail. The highlight is at the top of the hill, a re-creation of an ancient temple known as Sybille's Temple.

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