Natural Resources of Australia & New Zealand

Natural Resources of Australia & New Zealand
Australia and New Zealand offer extensive natural environments of many varieties, from the deserts, bush and reefs of Australia to the hills, glaciers and rain forests of New Zealand. The diverse ecosystems of these two island nations also ensures that they both have unique natural resources.


Australia's expansive backcountry is home to innumerable mineral deposits. Australia's large area combined with its extremely low population density in the interior means that it may still be home to many resources not yet discovered. While gold is probably the most famous example of Australian mineral deposits. Australia also has coal, uranium, bauxite (aluminum ore), lead and precious stones. The discovery and recovery of all of these resources has opened up the Australian backcountry, or "bush" to be explored. There are native aborigine sites to explore, abandoned mines and hidden natural pools, as well as Australia's unique wildlife. Visitors to Australia cross various parts of the bush via four-by-fours, motorcycles, or even camels, stopping for day trips and staying at road houses along the way.


New Zealand is home to extensive salt and freshwater fishing. New Zealand's sea fishing industry exports to America and Asia. New Zealand's trout fishing in lakes and streams is recognized as some of the best in the world. Fly fishing is most popular in New Zealand's mountain streams for brown and rainbow trout. Tide casting is also popular among locals.


New Zealand is home to large swathes of forest, including rain forests in the North Island and hardwood forests in the South Island. New Zealand is also home to several unique, specialty woods that are considered rare or endangered, including Kauri and Manuka. New Zealand's rain forests were at one point excessively harvested, and are now part of an ongoing replanting and conservation program. Many of New Zealand's forests are now protected areas and are available for hiking and backcountry camping. The Coromandel Peninsula is an easy day trip from Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city. It offers excellent hiking and camping in coastal forests.

Article Written By Beau Prichard

Beau Prichard has been a freelance writer and editor since 1999. He specializes in fiction, travel and writing coaching. He has traveled in the United Kingdom, Europe, Mexico and Australia. Prichard grew up in New Zealand and holds a Bachelor of Arts in writing from George Fox University.

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