Fishing Tips for Walleye

Fishing Tips for Walleye
Walleye prefer deep freshwater lakes with a hard sand or rocky bottom. They're regarded as one of the best-tasting freshwater fish species for their white, flaky meat. In addition, the fact that walleye can be very hard to catch makes them a favorite among sport fisherman.


Walleye prefer bad weather. They're often caught when the conditions are very unfavorable for the angler. The best days to fish for walleye are when there's a stiff wind and good wave action. This makes visibility in the water close to zero, which the walleye prefer to protect themselves from predator fish such as pike. Whenever possible, fish in low light conditions, which are often successful times to catch walleye.



Most inland lakes have at least two good places to catch walleye. During the early morning and later afternoon, walleye swim in shallow weed beds searching for food. Weed beds from 5 to 15 feet are best to target walleye, especially right before dark. During midday hours, walleye like to be suspended on drop-offs or rocky shores. Drifting slowly along these slopes is a good technique for catching walleye.


When fishing weed flats for walleye, use live bait either with a jig or slip-bobber setup. A lot of anglers use both methods simultaneously to achieve best results. Minnows, red worms and night crawlers all make good bait choices. You can use artificial grubs when no live bait is available. For suspended walleyes on slopes or in deep water, crank baits are always good choices. Choose a lure that will run at the depth of the fish. For rocky slopes, a night crawler harness with beads and bright spinners, or a jig tipped with live bait work well when drifted slowly.


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