Things to Do in Vancouver for Free

Things to Do in Vancouver for Free
Don't let the address fool you. Vancouver, British Columbia, is neither sleepy nor ice covered, and there are plenty of things to do even for the most budget-minded traveler. This city of more than a half-million people boasts not only an active nightlife scene and world-class shopping but easy access to outdoor activities for which British Columbia is known. With more than 200 parks and dozens of beaches, the mild climate of Vancouver lends itself to an outdoor lifestyle. And because so many activities are free, you can save your cash for dinner after a busy day exploring Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Olympic Park

Vancouver is so alluring that it has been chosen to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. Tour the venues that are spread across the city and adjoining areas, including the beautiful Cypress Mountain ski and snowboarding area to the urban Richmond Olympic Oval and UBC Thunderbird Arena.


There's no shortage of beaches in Vancouver; the city is surrounded by water on three sides. From the dog beach at Spanish Banks to the nude beach of Wreck Beach, and plenty in between, spend your vacation walking along the waterways. The North Shore is a favorite of adventure seekers and mountain bikers because of its entrance to deep forest despite being only 20 minutes away from Vancouver.

Grouse Grind

Hiking the Grouse Grind is a favorite of visitors and natives alike. The remote mountain area features an hour and a half hike that rises 2,800 feet. Known as Nature's Stairmaster, it's not for the couch potato, but the views make it worth the workout. The hike to the summit is rugged, but spring for the $5 gondola ride back down and enjoy the views in style.

Urban Trekking

Don't miss Vancouver's city life. The city offers world-class art galleries and local shops that welcome window shoppers. Stroll around Stanley Park and enjoy the views of the bay, or tour the historic Christ Church Cathedral.

Article Written By Catherine Rayburn-Trobaug

Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh has been a writer and college writing professor since 1992. She has written for international companies, published numerous feature articles in the "Wilmington News-Journal," and won writing contests for her poetry and fiction. Rayburn-Trobaugh earned a Master of Arts in English from Wright State University.

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