Camping in Pompeii, Italy

Camping in Pompeii, Italy
Pompeii has been a tourist magnet since the well-preserved ruins of the Roman town were discovered there in 1748. Situated on the Bay of Naples, it is also a reasonably good base for exploring the sites of the entire area, such as the island of Capri or the towering heights of Vesuvius. However, Italy has never been a cheap place to visit, so a good way to keep costs down while at Pompeii is to camp there.

Camping Pompei

Situated a little less than 200 feet from the Pompeii archaeological park, Camping Pompei has tent sites, RV sites, and also rents bungalows and rooms in its "vila." Campground facilities include showers, bar, pizzeria, market and restaurant. A common kitchen, which is more a feature for a hostel than a campground, is also available. The rates are cheap, with a small tent site running about $8 (5.50 euros) and a bungalow costing about $65 (45 euros) a night during 2009's high season (the summer months). The campground also offers organized tours of Vesuvius, the coast and other locations.

Via Plinio 113
80045 Pompei (Napoli)
011 (+39) 0818622882

Camping Spartacus

This campground is literally right up the road from Camping Pompei. It offers sites for tents and RVs and has rental bungalows as well. Amenities include laundry service, wireless Internet (free with a stay of three nights or longer), market, showers, pizzeria and restaurant. In other words, it has many of the same features as Camping Pompei. However, Camping Spartacus is a bit more of a bargain. In 2009, its high season prices for a small tent site was $4.50 (3 euros), and the rate for a bungalow ranged between $22 (15 euros) and $32 (22 euros), depending on the quality of the bungalow.

Via Plinio 117
80045 Pompei (Napoli)
011 (+39) 0818624078

Camping Zeus

This campground is also located close to the archaeological park. It has sites for tents and RVs, as well as normal rooms and bungalows available for rent. A bar, market and restaurant are on-site. The campground also offers planned excursions, showers and other features typical of Pompei-area campgrounds. However, it is also a bit more expensive. For the 2009 high season, the fee for pitching a small tent was $11.50 (8 euros), and a bungalow ran between $73 (50 euros) and $117 (80 euros).

Villa dei Misteri 1
80045 Pompei (Napoli)
011 (+39) 0818615320

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