Night Bass Fishing Tips in Ohio

Night Bass Fishing Tips in Ohio
Ohio is rich in smallmouth and largemouth bass. From the lunkers pulled out of Knox Lake to the big wetland bass in the waters of Portage Lakes State Park, Ohio bass fishing is frequently active, even at night. Catching Ohio bass at night requires a bit of know-how about where to look for hungry fish and which baits will get them to strike.

Shoreline Trolling

Ohio bass like to scan the dark pools just offshore at night. Slow trolling with crankbaits, diving lures and harnessed nightcrawlers is a proven method in most waters, especially reservoirs.

Lighted Docks

At night, bass are often drawn to lighted docks and will feed in mid-depth water and near the surface. The trick to get them to strike in these locations usually depends on the season. In the heart of summer when the water is warm, plastic worms, poppers and crankbaits are popular night fare near lighted docks.


Vegetative shorelines and shallow pools near weeds are almost always great places to catch Ohio bass in the evening. Dark-colored plastic worms, buzzbaits and poppers are solid lures for scanning the shores.

Flooded Trees and Rocks

Nighttime bass will often feed near fallen trees and rock faces. Spinners, crankbaits, buzzbaits and diving lures near the edges of cover is the best method, while trolling also produces solid night fishing.

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