Things to Do in Huatulco, Mexico

Things to Do in Huatulco, Mexico
Known for its vast expanses of undeveloped land and beaches, Huatulco, Mexico, is an outdoor lover's paradise. Located along the Mexican Pacific in the state of Oaxaca, Huatulco is a highly organized tourist development area that focuses on eco-friendly practices and activities. La Crucecita is considered to be the region's main city and makes for a perfect base from which to explore the area.

Huatulco National Park

Just outside La Crucecita, this national park consists of six of Huatulco's nine bays, more than 15,000 acres of nearby jungle and 13,600 acres of ocean. White sand beaches line the shores, and just out to sea, visitors can dive and snorkel among some of Mexico's finest coral reefs. Some bays, such as Bahia Maguey, can be reached by car; others, such as Bahia Cacaluta and Bahia Chachacual, can be reached only by boat. These bays are secluded and have no modern developments, offering visitors a beautiful and natural surrounding to bird watch and hike in.

Coffee Plantation Tour

Throughout the Huatulco area, a number of fully functioning coffee plantations operate and offer tours. Two of the more popular plantations, Finca La Gloria and Finca El Pacifico, allow guests to hike, bike and horseback ride through their mountainside farms and jungles to view the fields. Finca La Gloria has a restaurant and small rooms for overnight visits; Finca El Pacifico has a restaurant for after-tour meals. Many companies such as Pariso Tours provided organized, guided tours to and from many of the plantations.

Pariso Tours
Calle Ceiba No. 202 Esq.
Carrizal, La Crucecita
Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca, C.P. 70989
+52 95858 7 28 78

National Mexican Turtle Center

Twenty-five miles west of La Crucecita near Mazunte, the National Mexican Turtle Center works to educate and protect the many species of sea, freshwater and land turtles that live on the Mexican Pacific Coast. Varieties of turtles are on display in observation tanks and a hatchery. During the spring, visitors can observe thousands of turtles nesting on the nearby protected Playa Escobilla. The center is open Tuesday through Sunday, and guided tours are available.

National Mexican Turtle Center (Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga)
Mazunte, Tonameca, Oaxaca
Apdo, Postal, 16.
Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, C.P. 70902
+52 958 584 3376

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