Best Bicycle Brands for Kids

Best Bicycle Brands for Kids
Learning to ride a bike is such a milestone for young children, it almost has become a rite of passage for toddlers entering childhood. Whether you are buying your child's first bike or replacing one that she has outgrown, it is important to buy a quality bicycle for ease of learning and safety. The best bicycle brands for kids are well-known brands that have a long history of quality and offer multiple sizes as your kids grow.

Schwinn Bicycles

Schwinn is a trusted name that has been making bicycles in the United States for more than 100 years. Schwinn's kids bikes come in 12-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch sizes. The bikes for toddlers come with removable training wheels, while the larger sizes have simple designs that are easier for kids to ride.Your child will also appreciate grip shifters on the larger bikes, which require less manual dexterity than trigger shifters for operation. Each of the available models of Schwinn kids bikes come in gender-specific models with vibrant color patterns that your child will love.


Although you may find the cost of a Trek kids' bike quite a bit more than something you can buy at your local discount retailer, you will find that these high-end bikes have many features that are worth the extra money. All Trek kids bikes have fit-specific designs that allow the bike to grow with your child. Trek's design includes adjustable cranks, adjustable seats and adjustable handlebars. All the company's kids bikes also come in gender-specific colors, and the 12-inch toddler models include baskets, tassels and chain guards.


Making bikes since 1945, Huffy offers bikes with favorite Disney and Nickelodeon characters on them. Although Huffy bikes offer cool designs that your kids will love, you may have to buy them more often because they have limited adjustment capability. Huffy bikes are primarily sold at large discount retail stores, so you will pay much less for them than other bike brands for kids. As of September 2009, very few Huffy bikes are more than $100, and they offer added features such as chain guards, padded crossbars, handlebar bags or baskets, and training wheels on smaller models.

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