Things to Do in Mesquite, Nevada, in January

Things to Do in Mesquite, Nevada, in January
About 80 miles north of Las Vegas sits a town called Mesquite, Nevada. Like Las Vegas, gambling is one of the major activities. While Mesquite does not have the strip, the town tends to attract fewer crowds. Mesquite is also close to several outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. It's Nevada, so no matter what activities you do, bring plenty of water and a sweater in case the temperatures drop rapidly. Things to do in Mesquite, Nevada, in January include dropping from the sky, visiting Great Basin National Park and exploring Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Hoover Dam sits on one end of Lake Mead and Lake Mead National Recreation Area surrounds them both. At Lake Mead, the summer temperatures reach as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, the temperatures range between 40 and 60 degrees, which makes January a great month to explore the Lake Mead National Recreation area by doing all of those land-based activities that often get passed over in summer for the waters of Lake Mead. Land-based activities include hiking, horseback riding, biking, scenic driving, photography and picnicking. As an added bonus, guided hikes are offered during cooler weather months such as January.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
601 Nevada Way
Boulder City, Nevada 89005
(702) 293-8907


Skydivers leap from 11,000 feet above ground level and rush 120 mph toward the ground, only to pull a single cord to release the parachute and safely descend to the ground. Talk about an extreme rush. In Mesquite, Skydive Mesquite opens weekends to provide skydivers--beginners to experts--the chance to experience the thrill. Beginner skydivers jump with an instructor. You are strapped together using a tandem harness. Skydive Mesquite follows the United States Parachute Association's program for learning to skydive. During the process, beginner skydivers transition from tandem to solo dives. In 2009, tandem dives and United States Parachute Association program dives cost $185, with a second dive in 30 days discounted to $170. After completion of the program, each dive costs $20 with a $20 gear-rental fee.

Skydive Mesquite
1737 Talon Ave.
Henderson, Nevada 89074
(702) 834-5611

Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park is in nearby Baker, Nevada. According to the Great Basin National Park website, "in Great Basin National Park and the neighboring valleys alone, there are 11 species of conifer trees, 73 species of mammals, 18 species of reptiles, 238 species of birds, eight species of fish, and over 800 species of plants." The Lehman Cave tour is one of the main attractions in the park. Lehman Cave shows off geological formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, flowstone and popcorn. Other activities the park hosts include scenic driving, bicycling, bird watching, camping, climbing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, pine nut gathering and stargazing. A particular item of interest in the park is the bristlecone pines. Hike up the Bristlecone Pine Trail to view and read about the unusually old grove of trees.

Great Basin National Park
100 Great Basin National Park
Baker, Nevada 89311
(775) 234-7331

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