Free Hip Things to Do in Los Angeles

Free Hip Things to Do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles is one of the most hip and exciting cities in the world, as there is always something to do and the city doesn't really ever sleep. What's even better is that there are some great activities you can enjoy that are free, so no matter what your budget is, you can still have a good time and make it a memorable experience.

Go to the Getty

Art, architecture and spectacular views all in one. The Getty Museum does not charge admission, and if you walk up the hill or take a shuttle, it is 100 percent free. Let your art geek come out as you wander through the many rotating exhibits or just stare at the buildings in amazement and awe. For the gardeners out there, you can stroll through the several acres of gardens overlooking the magnificent view of the Los Angeles valley; on clear days, you can even see the ocean.

J. Paul Getty Museum
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, California 90049
(310) 440-7300

Venice Beach

Enjoy a day of amusement at Venice Beach. Much more than a beach, the boardwalk has enough hip things to do that you'll find it difficult to decide what to do exactly. Watch the circus street performers, contortionists, stilt walkers, fire eaters and other odd acts that take residence on the boardwalk. Then head down to Muscle Beach, an offshoot of Venice Beach. It's an outdoor gym where muscle men and women compete with one another for onlookers and tourists. There's a basketball court to enjoy as well as trails for biking, skating and boarding.

Venice Beach
1800 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, California 90291

Hike to the Hollywood Sign

Take a walk or drive up the historical Mulholland Drive through the Los Angeles mountains. As you take your voyage, you'll have a chance to look out over the Los Angeles valley and take in its one-of-a-kind beauty, away from the movie business life found within the city. Take photos of the world famous Hollywood sign and make all your friends jealous as you tell them about your journey.

Hollywood Sign
6342 Mulholland Highway
Hollywood, California 90068

Drive-in Movies at Santa Monica Pier

Every September, Santa Monica Pier hosts a nightly movie night. Take the car, park and enjoy the summer night air as you watch a film projected on a huge screen. It's a unique experience that is free of charge and unlike any other screening experience available in Los Angeles.

Santa Monica Pier
200 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, California 90401

Check out Marina Del Rey

Go rollerblading, rollerskating, bicycling or jogging around the large man-made harbor. Check out the 6,000 boats and yachts stored at Marina del Ray. Skate or bike over to Burton Chance Park, where you'll be surrounded by water on three sides and boats will pass you all day long.

Article Written By Jeffrey Brian

Jeffrey Brian is a professional writer specializing in fishing topics. He also uses his real estate training, sales abilities and general life knowledge to tackle a variety of other subjects.

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