Educational Field Trip Ideas in Nepa

Educational Field Trip Ideas in Nepa
Nepa is the name given to the northeast region of Pennsylvania, which includes several major cities as well as many smaller towns. There are a number of educational ideas and field trips in this area, and some even give kids the chance to learn about nature while taking a walk in the great outdoors.

Bald Eagle Field Trip

Every year, the Pennsylvania National Audubon Society hosts a Bald Eagle Field Trip. This trip is compliant with the National Environmental Protection Act and has existed since 1998. The group charges a small fee for nonmembers, which covers the cost of traveling to the event. You're encouraged to wear layers and bring your own lunch, and you learn about the bald eagle and its habitat.

Promised Land State Park

The Promised Land State Park is in the Pocono Mountain Range and is a great place to take kids if you want to teach them about nature. The park has ample space for bird watching and animal watching and features a number of hiking trails. From the spring to the fall, the park also offers programs for school kids on learning about the environment of the park.

Pinchot Trail

The Pinchot Trail is in the Nepa area and covers 23 miles in a circular path. As long as you stay on the path, it's impossible to get lost. Many hikers camp on the trail at night, which gives them the chance to stay on the trail for a longer period and take their time. You can examine the trees and flowers in the area or try to identify different species of animals in the woods.

Archbald Pothole State Park

Archbald Pothole State Park features the 15,000-year-old Archbald Pothole. The geologic pothole is 42 feet by 24 feet at its largest part. A trail in the park leads you through the coal mine tram road where you learn about old coal mines in the area before wandering through the nearby woods. The park is also open for hunting during certain seasons of the year.

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