Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing Tips

Lake St. Clair Bass Fishing Tips
Lake St. Clair is a lake located in northeast Michigan and shares borders with the United States and Canada. There are several different species of fish native to the area and it allows for both boat fishing and fishing from the shore. Before you go, keep in mind the different types of fish available and the right tips for catching your next big one.

Night Fishing

If you prefer night fishing, wait until the sun sets before heading out to a few certain spots. The best place for this type of fishing is the opposite direction of the wind. For example if the wind is blowing from the south, then fish along the north shore of the lake. The fish tend to move in the opposite direction of the wind and you're best luck is looking for them along the shorelines.



The fish in Lake St. Clair respond to a variety of different bait, including live and artificial bait. White minnow grubs are an excellent choice because the fish respond well to the way the minnow move in the water. You'll also have luck with troll cranks if you prefer artificial bait. Other options include shad and carp, especially the smaller variations.

Fish Types

There are four major types of fish found in Lake St. Clair. The most common is the musky, with some large catches reported in the waters. Bass and perch are also common, as are walleye. You may also find pike and brown trout depending on whether you fish in the lake, or on one of the smaller rivers or streams connected to the lake. Brown trout and perch are more common in the smaller waters.

Guided Tours

If you've never fished in or around Lake St. Clair, think about investing in a guided tour or charter tour when you first start out. Captain Steve Jones runs charters where the crew teaches you the fundamentals of fishing in the lake, along with tips and tricks on catching the different types of fish. Tours run from 4 to 8 hours depending on the type of fish you're interested in catching.

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