Things to Do in Perrysburg, Ohio

Things to Do in Perrysburg, Ohio
Perrysburg is a quaint, historic town in northwestern Ohio, approximately 10 miles south of Toledo, and is home to a number of cultural attractions and city parks. The town also boasts a number of recreational activities and events that cater to outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers. Some parts of Perrysburg overlook the Maumee River, and the lakeshore offers even more options for adventure seekers, hikers and nature explorers, as well as several fishing opportunities.

Explore the River Walk and Gardens of the 577 Foundation

Spend some time with nature at the 577 Foundation, an historic property that's home to manicured lawns, well-maintained gardens and a Geodesic Biodome. This ecologically sensitive home and garden space is designed for community members who want to learn more about nature and enjoy a scenic, natural setting. Visitors can explore the river walk, spend time in the community gardens and walk through the maze located next to the river.

577 Foundation
577 East Front Street
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
(419) 874-4174

Visit Fort Meigs State Memorial Park

Fort Meigs State Memorial Park is located on State Route 65, and the City of Perrysburg reports that this park is the largest reconstructed wooden fortification in North America. The fortress was originally designed to protect the town against British Invasion, and visitors can explore the park and climb up to the top of the fort to enjoy views of the Maumee River.

Fort Meigs State Memorial Park
State Route 65
(800) 283-8916

Go Paddle Boating in Three Meadows Pond

Three Meadows Pond is a scenic destination near the historic district of Perrysburg and a popular venue for picnicking and horseshoeing. The pond also caters to paddle boaters and fishing enthusiasts, so you can explore the calm waters and enjoy a fun day outdoors. Pack a picnic and set up camp with one of the grills and picnic tables also located on site.

Three Meadows Pond
Three Meadows Drive off U.S. Route 20
(419) 874-8020

Go Biking on the Oak Knoll Route

The Oak Knoll route is a 30.54 mile route through rolling hills and rural areas in and around Perrysburg. According to, this route is made of mostly country roads but does not have any stops or rest areas. The low-traffic route is a good match for beginning cyclists who want to relax and enjoy the natural scenery around the town.

Go Jogging at Woodlands Park

Fort Imagination at Woodlands Park is home to a jogging trail, picnic tables and a playground, and is one of several public parks around Perrysburg. Head here to spend the day picnicking or enjoy the natural setting by heading out for a jog along the designated walking/jogging path on the east side of the park. Woodlands Park is located on the corner of East Boundary and East Indiana Avenue (SR 795).

Woodlands Park
205 East Boundary Street
Perrysburg, OH 43551-2758
(419) 872-8020‎

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