Things to Do in Winter in Ohio

Things to Do in Winter in Ohio
Ohio, the 34th largest state in the country, has moderate weather which attracts enthusiasts of all outdoor activities. In the winter, gentle snowfalls blanket Ohio and turn the otherwise humid state into a cool wonderland. Discover the many events and outdoor activities available during Ohio's winter months for an enjoyable time, whether you're a local resident or a visiting tourist.

Winter Events

Numerous winter festivals and events take place throughout Ohio from December until the end of January. Visit the Malabar Farm, one of Ohio's biggest maple syrup producers, and make your own maple syrup at workshops that run every day in January. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Hocking Hills annual winter hike, a six-mile hike that winds from Old Man's Cave to Ash Cave. And for a winter spectacle not found in many other states, watch a real dogsled race in Punderson State Park.

Malabar Farm
4050 Bromfield Road
Lucas, OH 44843-9745
(419) 892-2784

Hocking Hills
State Route 664 N
Hocking, OH 43138
(740) 385-6841

Punderson State Park
11755 Kinsman Rd
Newbury, OH 44065
(440) 564-2279


Ohio has some of North America's best skiing, with fine powdery snow and mountain slopes for skiers of varying skill levels. Numerous ski resorts dot the northern half of the state, with most opening after the first heavy snowfall in November or December. Examples include the Alpine Valley resort in Chesterland, Boston Mills resort near Peninsula, and Mad River Mountain resort in Bellfountaine. Most ski resorts offer ski rentals if you don't have your own equipment.

Alpine Valley Resort
10620 Mayfield Road
Chesterland, OH 44026
(440) 285-2211

Boston Mills Resort
1146 W. Highland Road
Sagamore Hills, OH 44067
(800) 875-4241

Mad River Mountain Ski Resort
1000 Snow Valley Road
Zanesfield, OH 43360-9774
(800) 231-7669

Ice Skating and Sledding

Most state parks in Ohio allow visitors to skate on their ponds and lakes once they are safely frozen over. Likewise, you can sled down hills and slopes within most park boundaries. Two popular parks with both ponds and gentle slopes are Beaver Creek and Quail's Hollow. When ice skating on public ponds, make sure the lake is frozen solid, and always skate near the edge. When sledding, check that the path before you is clear before sliding down the slope.

Beaver Creek State Park
Mercer, OH 45822
(330) 385-3091

Quail's Hollow State Park
13480 Congress Lake Ave NE
Hartville, OH 44632
(330) 877-6652‎

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