Bermuda Travel Tips

Bermuda Travel Tips
Experience Bermuda's pink-sand beaches, blue water, rolling green golf courses and rich history. Coral reefs, which serve as home to thousands of colorful fish, surround the island of Bermuda. Visitors enjoy kayaking and yachting on the clear water. Some prefer to hike or soak in the sun. Whether you are working or on vacation, you are sure to find your time relaxing and enjoyable. Keep in mind Bermuda travel tips before you visit the island.

Important Documents

All people traveling by air or cruise between the United States, Canada and Bermuda must obtain a passport to enter or re-enter the United States.


The Bermuda dollar is the legal currency of the island. The United States dollar and Bermuda dollar are equal. Bermuda merchants will accept both currencies interchangeably. Keep in mind when you pay in United States dollars, most merchants will give you Bermuda coins for your change. When making a purchase on the island there is no sales tax. Exchange the British pound, Canadian dollar and other foreign currencies at the local bank.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Traveler's Cheques

Most Bermuda merchants accept MasterCard, American Express and VISA. You may get a cash advance from your MasterCard or VISA by visiting a local bank. The island does accept Traveler's Cheques. If you need to exchange money quickly, you may want to use an ATM because it may have a better exchange rate for your money.

Check your Appliances

It is wise to check the adaptability of your personal appliances before using the plug in any hotel. Bermuda's electrical current is 110 volts, 60Hz AC, the same voltage as the United States and Canada. Use an adapter if you are traveling from Europe.

Stay Clear

Between March and July, the Portuguese man-of-war, a jelly-like looking creature, sometimes appears on the beach and in the water. Stay away from this small animal, even though it is beautiful, the creature is extremely poisonous and dangerous.

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