The Best Bluegill Fishing in Missouri

The Best Bluegill Fishing in Missouri
Bluegill are native to the eastern and central regions of the United States. Fishing for bluegill is quite popular in Missouri because they have the highest harvest rate of any fish in the state. Bluegill can be found in almost any body of water, whether it's a pond or a man-made reservoir.

Stockton Lake

Stockton Lake is home to the Missouri state record for bluegill at 3 lbs. Here you can find miles of untouched shoreline and over 25,000 acres of water. The fresh, clear water is an ideal habitat for bluegill and contributes to their bountiful numbers. The prime depth to fish for saucer-sized bluegill is 15-20 feet. Using a nightcrawler for bait is also recommended.

Council Bluff Lake

Council Bluff Lake can be found in the Mark Twain National Forest and is considered one of the best places to fish in the southeast region of Missouri. The shoreline is limited, but there are two boat ramps and a campground. Anglers who use live bait such as worms and crickets usually get the best results.
Cove mouths and points are amongst the best places to bring in bluegill.

Table Rock

Table Rock is Missouri's deepest and clearest reservoir. Located in the Ozark Mountains, it covers roughly 50,000 acres. The best time to fish these waters for bluegill is during May and June. It is recommended that you fish in water ranging from 10 to 15 feet deep and arrange your tackle so that the bait rests about a foot away from the bottom. The bait of choice here is live crickets.

Harrison County Reservoir

Harrison Country is located 8 miles north of Bethany. It covers 280 acres and has a maximum depth of 32 feet. The bluegills caught here average between 8 and 10 inches. There really isn't a specific season for bringing in bluegill as they are regularly caught here throughout the year. Worms and crickets are the types of live bait favored by successful anglers.

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