Mountain Climbing Gear

Mountain Climbing Gear
With few exceptions, mountain climbing gear can be separated into three categories: protective gear, essential gear and accessories. Protective gear keeps you safe while you are climbing the mountain. Its function is specifically to prevent injury from falling debris and sharp rock outcroppings. Essential gear is designed to get you up the mountain; as such it includes the boots that you wear and also the harness that is part safety device and part essential climbing tool. Accessories include those items that make the experience more convenient and enjoyable; a great example is the climbing backpack.

Protective Mountain Climbing Gear

Check and double check the protective mountain climbing gear that you take along to be certain that it is in working condition. This kind of gear includes knee pads, carabiners and crash pads. The latter are a staple for serious mountain climbers who anticipate the potential for falls or even rock impact. Perhaps the most important item of protective mountain climbing gear is your helmet. A great example is the Petzl Elios climbing helmet that retails for $66. This headgear is rated for rock climbing, ice climbing and even climbs in alpine conditions, making it a perfect all-purpose helmet.

Essential Mountain Climbing Gear

Pack essential mountain climbing gear that serves to help you get up the mountain. This kind of gear includes heavy duty climbing boots, climbing skins, and of course the climbing harness. Check out the Arc'teryx R280 climbing harness that retails for about $120. Made from nylon webbing, this kind of harness is lightweight and yet able to take a very strong jolt without weakening. Since your weight is evenly supported by the entire harness, an impact suffered from losing your footing is unlikely to cause more than a bit of tenderness on the skin. Unless you carry a lot of extra weight, you will be fine without the extra padding that makes other kinds of climbing harnesses more cumbersome.

Mountain Climbing Accessories

Differentiate this kind of mountain climbing gear from the kinds that get you up the mountain and keep you safe. This kind of gear includes protective vests, mountain jackets, gloves, goggles and also mountain climbing backpacks. For example, the Mountain Hardwear South Col backpack features shoulder and waist belts, is held together with a frame and offers removable components that turn the climbing backpack into a day pack. Retailing for about $260, it is a highly versatile pack.

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