What to Take With You for a Mexican Vacation

What to Take With You for a Mexican Vacation
Mexico's miles of white sand beaches and warm, aquamarine waters draw millions of visitors annually. Many come to enjoy the country's untamed forests and foothills, with numerous hiking trails, coastal walks and outdoor adventures awaiting. Learn what to take on your next Mexican vacation to ensure that you are prepared for any adventure you may encounter.

Sun Protection

Mexico's year-round sunny weather can be great for tanning, but too much of it can leave you with a nasty sunburn and an increased risk for skin cancer. Pack sunscreen to avoid buying it at your hotel, where prices are often inflated. Bring a sheer sunscreen for days when you are just walking or shopping, while a waterproof sunscreen is ideal for those who plan to swim or go on sweaty hikes. A wide-brimmed hat can also help shield your face from the sun's ultraviolet rays, while sunglasses protect your eyes and reduce glare while hiking.


Bring light, breathable clothing. Men should pack lightweight T-shirts or tank tops, while women can bring airy summer dresses and similar lightweight apparel. If you plan to hike, pack appropriate footwear with proper tread and ankle support. Note that nights in Mexico can be chilly, especially when the breezes kick in, so you may also want to pack a light sweater or jacket. In addition, those who want to experience Mexico's many nightclubs or fine dining should bring business casual to semi-formal clothing, such as dress shirts and slacks for men or a more formal blouse for women.

Language Guidebook

While most workers in Mexico's tourist districts speak some English, visitors who venture outside to Mexico's more rural districts will find that an elementary knowledge of Spanish is essential. Bring a pocket Mexican Spanish guidebook to help you ask common questions or say common phrases. Such a guidebook can also be useful for understanding important signage when on hikes or trails.

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