The Best Muskie Fishing in Illinois

The Best Muskie Fishing in Illinois
Fishing for Muskie in Illinois might be new, but plenty of effort has been recently put into the lakes and waterways to a muskie fishing mecca for fishermen. Size records for lakes up and down the state are being broken at an ever increasing rate. As time passes, the muskies in Illinois will only get bigger and add to the sport.

Lake Shabbona

This 318-acre lake is located in De Kalb County and is considered the muskie capital of Illinois. This lake has an abundancy of shad, which is one of the muskies' favorite foods. A barrier net was also erected in 1997 which prevents the fish from getting out of the lake. Mid-September through the end of autumn is the best time to fish as they go on a feeding frenzy to prepare for the long winter. The size limit for an acceptable muskie is 48 inches.

Lake Shelbyville

Lake Shebylville is home to the current state record for muskies. A 38-lb. and 8-oz. muskie was caught in April of 2003. Located in Shelby County, it is surrounded by the Shelbyville State Fish and Wildlife area. The man-made lake's surface pool is a little over 11,000 acres. One of the reasons why its ideal for muskies is because of its depth. Also, Shelbyville just raised the size limit to 48 inches for muskies in order to increase their average weight and length.

Kinkaid Lake

You can find Kinkaid Lake in southern Illinois just west of Murphysboro. Anglers have 82 miles of shoreline to work with here. There are plenty of bottom-feeding sucker fish here, which are a favorite of the muskie. Kinkaid Lake has a proper habitat for the fish, and the lake has an abundance of rocky shore drop-offs. The best time to fish Kinkaid Lake is in early December and in March.

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