Germany Travel Tips

Germany Travel Tips
Germany has more than 80 million residents spread out on more than 87,000 acres of windswept plains, towering mountains and fog-covered seacoasts. Its rugged, natural beauty and bustling cities annually draw millions of tourists from around the world who come to see famous landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral and the Berlin Wall. Learn insider tips on German travel to help make your next German vacation a relaxing and worry-free time.

When to Go

The most popular time to visit Germany is from May to September. During this time, German weather is at its best and it is not uncommon to experience weeks of sunny, blue skies. The summer months are also when most of Germany's festivals and fairs occur. However, this is also when Germany is the busiest and transportation routes slow to a crawl, streets are full and it can be more difficult to get into local attractions, landmarks and restaurants. On the other hand, the winter months are cold and overcast but it is easier to get into attractions. Lodging at hotels and hostels are also typically cheaper in the winter.


While renting a car has its perks, parking in major cities such as Berlin is notoriously limited and very expensive. The cost of Germany's toll roads also drive up the cost of driving. Instead, choose the country's many trams and buses when within cities for a convenient and cheap way to get around. If traveling long distances, such as across the country, hop on one of Germany's many trains for a economical way to see the countryside.

Typical Costs

Prices in Germany typically aren't as expensive as places like London or Amsterdam. Expect to spend €20 for a typical meal in a German restaurant, including a glass of wine. Save money by eating at street-side cafes or boutique restaurants rather than the larger eateries in hotels or at tourist attractions. When visiting tourist districts, expect to pay up to €15 for museums and similar attractions. You may be able to save money in some cities by purchasing entertainment books which include coupons to major tourist destinations.

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