Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing Tips

Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing Tips
Hybrid striped bass are a cross between white bass and striped bass. They are a very aggressive fighting fish that grows larger then a white bass and are more temperature tolerant than a striped bass. This allows them to be introduced to new areas that striped bass could not survive in. Fishing for hybrid striped bass can differ slightly from techniques used for other bass species.


Crank baits, spoons, imitation minnow lures and jigs are all very effective depending on the fishing conditions. Sharp hooks will greatly increase your chance at hooking a hybrid striped bass as they are a very fast striking fish. They also are very powerful and can break lures if they are not strong enough. Basic bass lures will often break from the strength of a hybrid bass, so use larger lures.


In lakes, hybrids like to stay in open water away from other predator fish. They can often be found suspended over deep holes or in the middle of lakes. In rivers, they can be found near tail water or on the edge of eddies. They like the faster moving water to catch bait fish and will often move from the slow water to fast moving water when they feed.


Tackle should be heavier than pan fish or largemouth bass tackle as the hybrid striped bass are a much more aggressive fighter. Test line of 10 to 12 pounds and up is essential, especially when fishing in a river where there are snags and abrasive objects. Longer rods will allow for better hook sets due to their forgiving bend.


Try fishing summer into fall for the best success in catching hybrid striped bass. This is when the fish are the most active in feeding and the easiest to catch. Early spring, when the hybrid striped bass spawn, is also a productive time.

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