Things to Do in Acapulco Mexico

Things to Do in Acapulco Mexico
Acapulco has long been considered Mexico's premire party town, even more so than Cancun. And what would a giant party town be without a gorgeous beach? With all the sights and sounds of the city, there are many outdoor activities you can take part in. From water skiing to hiking, Acapulco may just be the outdoor paradise you are looking for.

Beach Fun

No matter what activities you want to take part in, Playa Revolcadero may be just the beach you're looking for. Because of the large waves, surfing is a popular activity, as well as swimming and other water activities.


If you have ever seen the Elvis Presley movie "Fun in Acapulco," you may remember the scene where he jumps off a large cliffside into the water below. If you want to relive the event (at least by watching it) head on over to La Quebrado. Here, there are numerous cliff divers looking to perform in front of a gathering of onlookers. These cliffs are often up to 115 feet above the water, with rocks scattered throughout the ocean below. After the performance, make sure to tip your diver and not jump in after him.


If you are looking for a bit of a hiking excursion, look no further than Jardin Botanico de Acapulco. This location is part of the Loyola del Pacifico University, and boasts a wide variety of different fauna and flora. When you reach the pathway at the beginning of the hike, you will be starting at 204 m above sea level. To make it to the top, you will need to walk and climb through the tropical forest, which will provided a variety of different sights and sounds. When you reach the top, you will be roughly 411 m above sea level--but you don't have to stop there. If you want to hike and explore some more, there are plenty of different forests and other sights to take in while at the top.

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