Tips for Bass Fishing in 78 Degrees

Tips for Bass Fishing in 78 Degrees
Water temperatures will reach 78 degrees or above in most areas of the United States in the hottest part of the summer. This changes the ways bass feed and the areas where they seek refuge. The warm water, however, does not slow down their feeding habits, so there are ways to catch a lot of bass even in the extreme heat of summer.

Shaded Shallows

Bass will seek shelter in the shade of vegetation, docks and boats during the direct sunlight. They will often leave the shade to strike a lure or bait if presented within a close distance. Cast plastic worms or shallow running crank baits on the edges of vegetation or anything creating shade. Trees hanging over the water edge are also a good place to target bass since they will create shade, cooling the shallow water underneath.

Deep Drops

Bass also suspend in deep water during the heat of the day at levels from 15 to 45 feet. This is often on the slopes of deep drop-offs, or channels in the lake bottom. You can target these fish with mid- to deep-running crank baits, and casts should be spread out to make a half-circle formation to cover an area effectively. Also, changing colors can often lead to more strikes; if you're not catching fish, don't be afraid to try several different color lures.

Transition Hours

The best time to target bass during periods of warm water temperatures is from sunset to a few hours after darkness. This is when the air temperature is cooling, causing the surface temperatures to cool down. This usually will bring the bass out from the cover of vegetation or deep water to feed on bait fish. The feeding often lasts a few hours into darkness because the fish start feeding later due to the strong sunlight.

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