Where Can I Swim With Dolphins in Europe?

Where Can I Swim With Dolphins in Europe?
Swimming with dolphins is not as popular in Europe as it is in other parts of the world like Florida or the Caribbean. However, it is possible to find opportunities in Europe to swim with either wild dolphins from a boat, or to interact with captive dolphins at a marine park or aquarium.


Zoomarine, an aquarium just 10 km from Albufeira in the Algarve, offers an interaction program with their captive Bottlenose dolphins. Guests will first receive an educational brief about the dolphins, then change into a wetsuit provided by the park and get into a pool to meet the dolphins. The trainer will tell guests how to touch the dolphins so as not to alarm them. The minimum age for Zoomarine's dolphin interaction program is eight, and all participants must know how to swim.
Guia ABF, Faro, 8200, Portugal
(011) +351289 560 300


Visitors to the remote Azores who wish to swim with dolphins should consider contacting Cetacean Watching, who offer swims with wild dolphins from their boat. The kinds of species that you may get to swim with there include Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic Striped dolphins and Risso's dolphins. Guests don snorkel, mask and fins and enter the water to swim with the dolphins; however, it is important to remember that touching or chasing the dolphins is prohibited.
Cetacean Watching
Madalena do Pico,
(011) +351 292 622 622


Another place in Europe where you can swim with captive dolphins is at Mediterraneo Park, an aquarium in Malta. Here guests can interact with Bottlenose dolphins under the supervision of a trainer. The minimum age of the program is eight, and included in the price of the dolphin swim is entrance to the park and one free drink. As with Zoomarine, wetsuits are provided. No jewelry or any other type of foreign object is allowed in the pool with the dolphins.
Mediterraneo Marine Park
Bahar ic-Caghaq
(011) +356 21372218

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