Professional Bass Fishing Tips

Professional Bass Fishing Tips
Professional bass anglers make their living catching bass. They must be able to catch bass day in and day out, regardless of the weather or other factors that can influence whether the bite is hot or not. These anglers know what baits work well and what bait do not, and they know how to catch bass when other fishermen are struggling to do so.

Smaller lures, more bass

Small lures are the best way to catch numbers of bass. They will tempt strikes from bass of any size, including the largest of them. While anglers who specifically want to catch big bass and do not care about how many bass they catch often use large lures, using small lures is the quickest way to fill the boat. Professional anglers often will use smaller lures -- like jigs, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits -- to fill their limit, then switch to a bigger lure to try to coax a bite from a big bass.

Find fish fast

One of the reasons professional anglers are so successful is because they locate bass fast, then focus on fishing the areas where bass live. Fast-moving lures are best for locating bass. Some of the best are lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits. Focus on likely areas including shallow cover and the edges of drop-offs, vegetation, and structure like humps and reefs. Once bass location has been determined, fish the area thoroughly.

Don't fish memories

It can be easy for fishermen to have success at one spot, then go back there time after time, even if the results are never the same. These are called memory spots, and they can spoil a fishing trip if the fish no longer are in these spots. Rather than fishing only in spots with which they are familiar, anglers should search for new spots. That way, if the bass are not biting in one location, anglers have back-up spots to try.

Expand your horizons

It is a good idea for bass fishermen to have one technique that they are particularly comfortable using. But one technique or lure is unlikely to be effective at catching bass in all situations. That is why the word "versatile" is a favorite of professional anglers. While most have a fishing strength, the most successful professionals are adept at employing a variety of techniques.

Learn the jig and pig

Nearly every professional bass angler is skilled at fishing with a jig and pig, which is a lead-head jig with a skirt and weedguard, and a pork or plastic trailer (pig) that is threaded onto the hook of the jig. Jig and pigs are considered the premier bait for catching big bass, though they will tempt bass of all sizes. They are a versatile bait that can be fished slowly along the bottom, or retrieved through the water to mimic a bait fish. Flipping or pitching them into heavy cover is one of the best methods for fishing jig and pigs.

Keep thinking

Professional anglers separate themselves from other anglers by thinking outside the box. They try lures and areas that may not seem to make sense. They vary the way they retrieve lures. They use large baits when conventional wisdom says they should use small baits. While they may not have success all the time, professionals often pick up on techniques or small variations that other anglers do not. They consistently try new methods, and pay enough attention that when the new methods work once, they can make them work again.

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