Tips for Muskie Fishing in Shenango Dam

Tips for Muskie Fishing in Shenango Dam
The Shenango Dam is in the northwest part of Pennsylvania and blocks off the Shenango River Lake. People interested in muskie fishing like this area because it's known for occasionally producing trophy-size fishes heavier than 20 pounds. Those with the best luck have specific tips they use every day.

Three Rivers Muskies

The Three Rivers Muskies is a local social club devoted to catching muskie fish. Members of the group have caught fish up to 47 pounds in size, and the members share information on the best places to fish and the places to avoid, as well as what works in terms of bait. If you're visiting the area, you should consider contacting the club or joining members on an outing.


The Shenango Dam region has a large abundance of carp, which muskie typically feed on. If you have access to smaller carp, then those make great bait. If you don't have access to carp, try another type of small fish, such as bunker, herring or minnow. The important thing is to use live bait or wiggle the line of your frozen bait to make it appear as if it's alive.

Shallow Waters

Muskie congregate in areas where the water is the most shallow, particularly along the shoreline. If you're casting from the shore, then look for areas where the water is fairly low. You can also try fishing during low tide when the water ebbs back from the shore slightly. There are also areas farther out in the water, where the water is shallow---for example, around the dam, where the water is only a few feet deep.

Dark Water

Dark waters are another great spot for muskie fishing. The fish prefer these areas. To spot the fish, look for spots in the water that are darker than others, as this indicates the fish are hiding under the surface. Trap nets work well in these areas because the fish can't see the net and swim directly inside it. All you have to do is scoop up the net and check it frequently.

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