Things to Do in Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Things to Do in Lake Tahoe, Nevada
The Lake Tahoe area has been a resort destination for much longer than Las Vegas. With its rugged greenery, it completely contradicts Nevada's desert reputation. With its range of accommodations, a touch of casino gambling and many outdoor activities, Lake Tahoe is an excellent place to mix one's outdoor and indoor pleasures.

Boating and Fishing

At 193 square miles, Lake Tahoe is a sizable stretch of water. The size of the lake makes it suitable for a paddle around in a canoe and a host of boating activities, such as sailing or water skiing. Anglers will also find fishing opportunities; the lake is stocked with salmon, trout, and other fish.

Zephyr Cove Marina
760 Highway 50
Zephyr Cove, NV 89448
Phone: (775) 586-9338

Hiking and Mountain Biking

The mountainous region around the lake offers plenty of rugged hiking opportunities. These range from easy half mile strolls to day hikes to strenuous multiple day treks extending out to 40 miles. Some of these routes overlap with mountain biking trails. There are also dedicated biking paths in the area. The route around the lake itself, for example, is a demanding all-day ride of 72 miles, and there are a number of shorter routes as well.

Winter Sports

The heights of the Lake Tahoe area are arguably best known for their skiing and other winter sports. There are seven ski resorts with 535 maintained ski trails in the area, encompassing the entire range of skill levels. This makes Lake Tahoe a great destination for both alpine and cross-country skiers. It's also ideal for both beginners and veterans. The local climate means the ski season starts as early as November, and it can extend well into May.


The nearby Truckee River offers about half a dozen miles of Class II and III rapids, and a one-mile stretch of Class III+ rapids is at the end. That means it makes for a great rafting adventure for both novice and intermediate level whitewater. Organized trips typically last for half a day.

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