Tips on Skiing in the Boyne Highlands

Tips on Skiing in the Boyne Highlands
The Boyne Highlands are a popular skiing region in northern Michigan. The area's propensity for fine, white snow draws thousands of ski enthusiasts every year. Discover tips on skiing in the Boyne Highlands region to make your new ski trip unforgettable. Whether you are a novice skier or an expert, you will find the breathtakingly pristine slopes of Michigan to be unmatched.

Take Advantage of Resort Amenities

Most of the lodging options in the Boyne Highlands area are small bed and breakfasts, inns and motels. However, there are several large resorts. Examples include the Boyne Highlands Resort ((231) 526-3000‎) and the Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa ((231) 549-6000‎), which Conde Nast Traveler magazine rated as one of the top 50 U.S. ski resorts. Though more expensive upfront, such resorts typically offer significant savings on ski rentals and lift tickets. Take advantage of these amenities to save money on your Boyne Highlands ski trip.

Use Your Legs

The terrain on Boyne Mountain is varied and includes lots of small hills, steep slopes and sudden turns. Get comfortable moving your legs to maintain balance, as greater terrain variety requires increased range of motion in your legs. Some of the most gentle, varied terrain can be found under the ski lifts heading up the mountain. Don't be afraid to practice there before going up the mountain, though you may feel self-conscious practicing in view of everyone on the lift.

Learn How to Ski in Powder

Michigan is known for its fine, dry powder, which is especially common right after a big snow dump. Such skiing conditions are heaven for skiers but can pose challenges to beginners who aren't used to the loose properties of powdery snow. When skiing in the Boyne Highlands, focus on keeping your feet close together rather than spreading your legs as you would in wetter conditions. Also, instead of making sweeping turns across the face of the mountain, center your point of balance on the skis and try going straight down the slope for a smoother ride.

Get the Snow Report

Ask your hotel's concierge desk for the day's snow report, or consult an online Boyne snow report (see Resources). Knowing the temperature and snow conditions can tell you how warmly to dress, as well as what kind of snow to expect. For example, you'll know to expect wetter conditions if it hasn't snowed for several days and the weather is heating up.

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