Best Walking Shoes for Bad Legs

Best Walking Shoes for Bad Legs
The main difference between walking and running shoes is the amount of cushion within the sole of the shoe. Running shoes often have much thicker cushions because as you run, your foot lands harshly on the ground, which can cause ankle and knee pain if there isn't enough shock absorption. Walking shoes provide more flexibility due to the heel-to-toe motion of the activity. Walking shoes that are designed for those with bad legs provide ample foot support and ample cushioning to lessen impact pressure.

Women's Shoe - Genesis II Trainer Spira

To provide support to your ankle and leg joints, your walking shoe must be able to absorb a high level of impact shock. The Genesis II Trainer Spira walking shoe has been developed to provide support to the entire foot and ankle region. The bottom of this tennis shoe features the WaveSpring Technology System, which absorbs the shock from every step and returns this movement to add spring to your step. This unique feature does not break down with continual use; its materials maintain the same support throughout the life of the shoe, which makes it ideal for avid walkers. Within the midsole of the shoe, there is a flex plate that will allow the shoe to flex with the natural movement of your feet to prevent excess pressure on your ankle and knees. In order to resist foot pronation, the external shank and medial post firmly rest against your foot to maintain proper foot alignment while walking, sprinting or running.

Availability: Online and in Retail Stores
Average Price: $130.00

Men's Shoe - Asics Gel Nimbus 11

For men who enjoy sprinting, running or speed walking, hard surfaces can cause joint pain within the ankles, legs and hips. The Asics Gel Nimbus 11 shoe has been developed to provide optimum foot support and cushioning to prevent injury or pain. The soles of the shoe have been filled with a gel substance to absorb the shock of every step. The Impact Guidance System enhances the natural gait of your foot, so that from the moment your heel touches the ground to when the toes lift off, your walking and running gait is supported. The midsoles of this shoe are outfitted with Solyte material, which provides ample support to your arch, as well as enhancing the durability of the shoe.

Availability: Online and in Retail Stores
Average Price: $125.00

Unisex Shoe - Asics Gel Motion

This Asics Gel Motion shoe can be worn by both men and women, and it is ideal for those who perform regular walking or visit the gym for aerobic activities. This lightweight shoe weighs 12 ounces, and it has been designed to keep the feet cool and properly supported. The mesh/leather materials on the upper part of the shoe will allow air to freely circulate around the foot to prevent overheating. To maintain a proper walking gait, the Impact Guidance System surrounds the foot with added cushion and support to ensure your feet are properly aligned during movement. The sides of this shoe provide extra room for those with wider feet; however, if you have a narrow foot, the materials will fit firmly against the sides of the feet. On the sole of this shoe, a gel substance has been added to provide proper cushioning to eliminate excessive impact pressure on your joints.

Availability: Online and in Retail Stores
Average Price: $100.00

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