Fishing Boat Comparison

Fishing Boat Comparison
There are many types of fishing boats, which differ in size, design and performance within specific type of waters. The majority of fishing boats are known as all-purpose fishing boats, which allow for freshwater and saltwater fishing, as well as the ability to pursue a wide variety of fish species. Having a boat that features a powerful engine and hydraulic steering will provide the thrust necessary to maneuver throughout difficult waters, as well as the precision to navigate in shallow inlets.

Nitro Z-8 Professional Angling Boat

For professional or semiprofessional fishers, this Nitro Z-8 boat will provide the durability, speed and comfort needed to perform well during fishing tournaments. The boat measures slightly more than 20 feet long and 96 inches wide. It can comfortably fit two to three passengers, and it comes with professional features to enhance how you catch fish. Included within the instrument deck is a Lowrance X96 fish finder, which uses sonar technology to locate schools of fish as well as determining the type of fish that is below the surface---during tournaments, this will serve as a vital asset. The 70-pound 24V MotorGuide engine will provide you with a foot-controlled trolling thrust and with hydraulic steering; maneuvering this boat throughout both large and small rivers and lakes is not only easy but also safe. Beneath the main deck, there is an 11-gallon cooler to keep your beverages chilled; there is also a trash bin in this compartment.

Availability: Online
Average Price: $33,000.00

Lowe Deep-V Series Fishing Machine - FM185

This Lowe Deep-V Boat is apart of the Fishing Machine boating series, which will provide comfort, durability and tournament-class components. This FM185 model is able to comfortably sit three passengers with a total of five fishing seat bases. The hull of this boat features an extra-wide V shape to provide a smooth and safe trip through choppy waters. The boat measures 18 feet and 3 inches in length and has a width of 83 inches. The cockpit comes with hydraulically supported steering and a four-inch Lowrance X50DS fish finder, which features dual-beam sonar that can provide detailed fish information up to 1,000 feet. The Mercury engine will provide you with 150 horsepower; and with the wireless trolling motor, you will be able to easily glide throughout the lake while searching for award-winning fish.

Availability: Online/Retail Stores
Average Price: $15,000.00

Skeeter Bay Boat Series - ZX24V

For those who enjoy fishing in a wide variety of waters, such as in oceans, rivers, lakes or a mixture of all three, this Skeeter Bay Boat Series boat will provide the design specifications for a smooth and professional ride. The Yamaha V8 engine features 300 horsepower and will provide the necessary power to navigate through rough waters; however, it also features the capabilities to carefully navigate throughout shallow inlets. The length of this boat is just over 24 feet and the width is just under 100 inches. The boat can hold up to eight passengers and has a maximum weight tolerance of 1,800 pounds. The hydraulic steering wheel allows for easy maneuvering throughout still and choppy waters.

Availability: Online/Retail Stores
Average Price: $40,000.00

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