Best Top Rope Rock Climbing in the Southeast

Best Top Rope Rock Climbing in the Southeast
For rock climbers, the "Southeast" refers to climbing areas in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia and North Carolina. These states are ripe with climbing areas for all sorts of climbers, from sport climbers to people who want to get high off the ground on some good quality traditional routes. For the more novice climber who typically spends most of her time top rope climbing, there are many excellent options. Although good quality top rope climbing is available at places such as the Tennessee Wall in Tennessee and elsewhere in the Southeast, the three areas included below are the most easily accessible for people with minimal skills. Still, do not attempt to top rope climb with first getting expert instruction.

The Lost Wall, Georgia

Located on Pigeon Mountain near Lafayette, GA, the Lost Wall is easily accessible because it is close to the road. Thus, is a popular destination for people interested in top rope climbing. The 60-foot high band of rock lies on the eastern side of and about half way up the mountain. The top of the first vertical wall can be accessed via easy terrain winding up the left side of the rock, and additional routes can be found by following the cliff line. Please see the resources section for detailed information on the approach to the area.

The Devil's Cellar, Linville Gorge, North Carolina

North Carolina's Linville Gorge offers climbers some of the oldest and highest quality granite in the world. Set within the Pisgah National Forest, the Linville River cut a deep gorge---the Grand Canyon of the East---leaving a plethora of excellent rock on Table Rock Mountain. Toward the north end of this mountain is a chasm formed by a large buttress. This excellent climbing area is called The Devil's Cellar. The top of the west buttresses is easy to access, and plenty of trees and boulders are available for top rope anchors. Please see the resources section for detailed information on the approach to the area.

Sand Rock, Alabama

This grouping of sandstone canyons and caverns on Shinbone Ridge lies near and overlooks the town of Leesburg, AL. Routes exist for climbers of all levels, and most are equipped with excellent bolted anchors. Trails wind through the many 30- to 60-feet high freestanding formations, the summits of which are easy to reach via scrambles. Although this area is also frequented by ATV riders and late-night partiers, climbing opportunities are varied from steep routes to fun cracks. Please see the resources section for detailed information on the approach to the area.

Article Written By Lizzy Scully

Lizzy Scully is a senior contributing editor for Mountain Flyer magazine and the executive director of the nonprofit Girls Education International. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from University of Utah and Master of Science in journalism from Utah State University.

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