Comparisons of Heart Rate Monitors

Comparisons of Heart Rate Monitors
Heart rate monitors are a necessary tool for those who want to keep track of their athletic performance as well as for those who are trying to lose weight. These monitors are available in basic designs, which inform users of their heart rate and target heart rate percentage, while the more advanced monitors feature GPS tracking, miles traveled, calories burned and pre-programmed training sessions.

Polar Multipurpose Heart Rate Monitor: RS800CX

The exterior design of this Polar Heart Rate Monitor has been designed to fit perfectly on your wrist and the screen is large enough so you can easily monitor your heart rate as well as other vital information. If you are a runner, cyclist or swimmer then you will be able to benefit from this monitor. The basic features of this monitor include all information pertaining to your heart rate, such as beats per minute as well as your maximum heart rate percentage to target your fat-burning zone. There is even a GPS feature, which will allow you to track your location and progress on a route that has been pre-determined at home using the included computer software. For runners, you will be able to keep track of your distance, speed and even your average stride length.

Availability: Online/Select Retail Stores
Average Price: $420

Omron Heart Rate Monitor: HR-100C

This Omron Heart Rate Monitor is ideal for those who desire an accurate readout of their heart rate for burning calories and body fat without the bells and whistles from more expensive models. The actual monitor looks like a standard digital watch and features a breathable watchband to prevent sweating, and the monitor and chest transmitter belt are water resistant in up to 98 feet of water. You can activate an alarm to warn you when your heart rate becomes too high or too low during physical activity. The included mounting bracket lets you place this monitor on your bicycle or on a treadmill.

Availability: Online/Retail Stores
Average Price: $60

Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Heart Rate Monitor is among the most stylish and technologically advanced heart rate monitors on the market. For those who enjoy running, hiking or bicycling throughout national parks, you will enjoy the GPS function that will ensure your safety and keep you on track. This monitor maintains a catalog of your distance, heart rate, calories burned and your average pace for post-activity review. The bezel around the actual face of the display will allow you to choose between the main menus, GPS function and training programs, as well as to view the date and time. The GPS function will guide you back to your starting point, which is excellent for hiking; you can also save specific locations. This Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is available in a tan/green color as well as in an all-black design.

Availability: Online/Retail Stores
Average Price: $350

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