Alaska Salmon River Fishing Techniques

Alaska Salmon River Fishing Techniques
Alaska salmon is so plentiful that fishing trip outfitters have dedicated entire vacation stays around the salmon river fishing experience. The varieties are king, silver, red and pink salmon. The most desired Alaskan salmon is the king salmon, and it is a fierce fighter. Knowing just the right Alaska salmon river fishing techniques to bag the big one---or maybe two or three---is the stuff of speculation. But there are some insider tips that might make all the difference on your next fishing trip.

River Fishing with a Small Boat

Maneuver yourself to the middle of the river and sink your line. Using a small boat when river fishing gives you the added advantage of being able to follow a swarm of salmon even as they bypass your boat. If you are fishing from the bank of the river, this is not a luxury you have.


Alaska Salmon River Fishing with a Lure

Experiment with a lure that is heavily weighted and offers a bit of bounce on the river bottom. The shiny lure combined with the movement is enough to catch the attention of a king salmon (known as a predatory fish) and may lead to a bite.

Salmon River Fly Fishing Techniques

Practice your prowess with the fly fishing rod and reel for some of the smaller kinds of Alaskan salmon, such as the pink salmon. Still big, they will put up a good fight, but rather than responding to a lure, they prefer the kinds of flies that look like the occasional insect landing or falling into the water.

Keep a good selection of flies nearby. An Extrasport Striper fishing life jacket personal flotation device that doubles as a tackle container and retails for $100 is perfect. Do not be surprised if you lose a few flies before you finally reel in a keeper.

Salmon Fishing with a Spinner Rig

Use a spinner rig if the river is relatively narrow and you can easily cast almost all the way across. If the fish are engaged in their runs to the spawning grounds, attach a spinner rig, cast almost all the way across the river, and then slowly drag it through the paths of the fish. Pause once in a while and then jerk the spinner rig to catch the attention of the fish. Repeat as often as necessary to catch the attention of a fish.


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