Running Fitness Tips

Running Fitness Tips
Running is a great way to get and stay fit. Many people mistakenly believe that they cannot run. This feeling is often the result of common mistakes that beginning runners make. By avoiding these mistakes, and taking your time, you may find that running becomes a lifelong addiction.

Take Your Time

When you start running, consider the total amount of time you are exercising rather than the amount of actual running that you do. For instance, if you can only run for five minutes at a time, that's fine. Run for five minutes, walk until you catch your breath, and then run for five more minutes. Over time, your walk breaks will naturally shorten.

Before and After the Run

Warm up by walking, and then gradually ease into a slow jog. Only after you are feeling loose and relaxed should you pick up the pace. After your run, walk for a few minutes until you feel your breathing and heartrate slow. Now devote five or ten minutes to stretches for your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and lower back. All of these are areas that become naturally tight while running.

Fuel Your Body

Running is serious exercise. Many people that train for marathons are surprised when they don't lose any weight, despite intensive running programs. Running requires serious fuel. If you haven't eaten in the two hours before your run, have a light snack that contains both a carbohydrate and a protein. After your run, a glass of chocolate milk provides the perfect combination of nutrients to refuel.

Article Written By Amy Hunter

Amy Hunter has been a writer since 1998. She writes about health and lifestyle issues and enjoys writing about hiking, camping, trail running and other outdoor activities. Her work has appeared in "Sacramento Parent," ASPCA's "Animal Watch" and other print and online publications. She is the author of "The History of Mexico" and "Tony Gonzalez: Superstar of Pro Football," aimed at young-adult readers.

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